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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  February 21, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. a wild shoot out on the las vegas strip led to a chain reaction crash and the deaths of three people including an aspiring rapper from oakland. eric rasmussen join us live he's in the newsroom with reaction from that victim's family tonight. >> reporter: when i first met them outside their home in north oakland today, ken cherry's family was just getting word of his death. many are still grappling on how to break the news to cherry's
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grandmother. it all happened around 8:30 a.m. at the heart of the las vegas strip near the the bellagio. friends said he had been living in las vegas. investigators say the dispute this morning started in the valley -- valet area in the aria resort. one witness said he tried to come to his aid. >> i tried to get to the dude in the massoroti. he was breathing at the time but ambulance came and i don't think he made it. >> reporter: condolences for cherry and his family have been -- for cherry's family have been pouring out on twitter and
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facebook. new limits on ammunition are headed before the full board of supervisors in san francisco after a passionate debate at city hall today. ktvu's david stevenson in san francisco with the gun rights the police chief says will still be protected under this proposal. david-- >> reporter: frank, san francisco general hospital trauma center tells me that gunshot wound cases appear to be trending down over the past six years. still with the number of high profile shootings nationwide the city appears to enact new unprecedented gun control measures. san francisco supervisors today took up a proposed ban on hollow point bullets which inflict more damage than regular bullets. the proposal would make it illegal for anyone but police officers to possess this ammo. they also considered sellers report to police nissan
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franciscan who bought 500 or more. >> 500 bounds is not an excessive amount of ammunition. if you shoot at a range. >> reporter: san francisco's don dutile says he and other law-abiding gun owners buy ammo in bulk to save. >> if i'm not doing anything wrong why should i talk to the chief of police. >> reporter: the chief of police showed us guns seized by police. he said law-abiding gun owners buying in bulk have nothing to fear. >> we can run a lawful query on that person if that's a person that should possess any am ammunition. >> we'll be ready, willing and able to defend those in court. >> reporter: and the full board
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of supervisors is expected to vote on the ammo ordnance a week from next tuesday. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu. gun supporters say there are plenty of laws in place to keep weapons out of the wrong hands. tonight on the ktvu news. we go under cover to learn just how easy it is to get your hands on a gun even if the state says it's illegal for you to own one. a judge denied bail today for a man accused of possessing a cash of explosives and threatening the life of leland yee. bashum of santa clara did not enter a plea. he is charged with ten felonies including 10 counts of illegally possessing bomb making equipment and a count of making threats. crews are removing a fallen crane. we were the first to show you the accident right after it
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happened and consumer editor tom vacar was the first reporter on the scene. he joins us now from treasure island with the role that crane played in the bay bridge construction project, tom -- >> reporter: first thing we want to do is go the video we shot here within the last hour or so. what you're seeing is because there was no one hurt or injured or killed the people that were actually responsible for clearing this up were able to get right into it. and to immediately start cutting up the metal which was already sitting on the barge making fairly quick work of it. as a result a lot of work has already been done in fact, a lot of the falling metal has already been hauled away. but plenty of metal still hangs over head. this is what chopper 2 saw shortly after the incident took place around noon. these dark rust colored supports were used to support the bridge roadway before the cable picked up all that weight. >> the crane was assisting with removal of some of the false work, the temporary supports
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underneath the bridge and it tipped over. >> reporter: gifford took still photos shortly after the incident began. >> we heard a loud crash which sounded like metal falling. then the crash sounded very, very loud. then it was clear that a bit of the bridge was coming crashing down. one of the cranes came over and one did not. the crane toppled over. the noise was huge and the massive coming down was pretty tremendous. >> reporter: we went out on a boat to get a closer look. since there's still a lot of unstable metal up in the air the coast guard is keeping everybody who doesn't absolutely have to be at the site away from the site. the spanway was not affected and that will remain uninterrupted on the road. important to know that osha as well as caltranses have opened up an investigation on the way
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even as we speak -- caltrans have opened up an investigation on the way everyone as we speak. john fowler, ktvu news. and stay with ktvu news for the latest stories of the day. an earthquake hit in the south bay. the quake was reported about 6 miles east-northeast of morgan hill. it struck at 4:55. there have been no reports of any damage or injury. immigration rights advocate rallied for immigration reform. about 100 people this afternoon marched from the library to the downtown to the federal building. after the march the protesters listened to speeches from members of the immigrant, faith and labor communities. the united immigrants movement which is made up of college and community groups organized the rally. only on 2, the new field poll find that support is growing for more rights for
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undocumented immigrants. the survey taken this month found 90% of those questioned said immigrants should have the ability to -- in 2006 only 75% favored the path to citizenship. when asked if immigrants should be allowed california drive licenses 62% agreed. that has grown steadily since 2005 when only 35% supported it. hewlett packard reported earnings bigger than last year but they still beat projections. the corporation's turn around is starting to gain momentum. the company posted a $1.2 billion profit for the first quarter of their fiscal year with earnings of 53-cents a share. that's down 16% compared to the same period last year. but wall street analysts had expected earnings of only about 38-cents per share.
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happening now, the festivities are just kicking into high gear as san francisco gets ready to celebrate the lunar new year. it comes as preparations are under way now for the big chinese new year parade in the city this weekend. ktvu's rob roth is live now at city hall where the mayor just offered his new year wishes. rob-- >> julie, we're under the city hall rotunda where the city's new year lunar celebration is in full swing. that's supervisor kim speaking out. about 100 people are here most of them from different city organizations and city departments. this of course is the year of the snake. invited guests also include the council general for the asian countries that follow the lunar calendar. >> this one is at city hall and i think it really means
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something for people to come here. >> we're talking about the chinese new year parade which ktvu is cosponsoring. with the dry weekend in the forecast, parade organizers are expecting about 1 million people that there will be a 200- foot dragon and about 6,000 fire crackers going off. if you can't make it to the parade you can watch it on ktvu. this event in the rotunda is expected to go on for another half an hour. and you can watch the chinese new year parade live riour coverage begins at 6:00 saturday night. new legislation in sacramento could make teacher training more flexible. currently teachers need to hold at least a bachelor's degree and complete a one year postgraduate program. senate bill five would allow two years to complete the program. >> it's not the amount of time
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the person spends in training but what's the quality of the training and i would really want to see what went into the quality of the training for preparation for teaching. >> the bill would also allow people with undergraduate degrees in legislation to take the teacher qualification test without taking graduate courses. another measure making its way through the legislator would require social workers to make inhome visits to evaluate care of foster children. right now those monthly visits can take place outside the home. the measure would require social workers to physically visit children at home to protect them from neglect and abuse. the bill also requires ply vat -- requires private talks between the child and social worker. >> a mansion for sale. but the unusual waiting game the buyer will have to play before moving in. >> i'll have the outlook for your week weekend. the timing on a slight chance of wet weather in your area. >> but right after the break. >> my children are so used to
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throwing their bodies on the floor when they hear gunshots. >> children are requiring police protection just to go to the library. the stark message being sent. [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers...
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of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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we've had nine lock downs this year, school year already. young students under the close watch of oakland police. the officers escorted the students just five blocks today but as ktvu's mike mibach reports without their presence many valuable books would be left to gather dust. >> we love books, we love books. >> reporter: this is a story about small feet -- >> as a teacher i can't walk my kids through these streets. >> reporter: taking big steps, deep in east oakland. >> my kids are so used to throwing their bodies down on the floor when they hear gunshots. >> reporter: this march is a little different, it's a
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statement and with every state that's exactly what these students are making. safety in the city streets. for the first time oakland police officers actually had to escort this group of second and third graders just so they could go read a book. >> keepers check on their animals. >> reporter: at the public library on 81st avenue. >> as the sun does go down. >> reporter: this monthly adventure stopped just a few weeks back after gunfire erupted just outside of the library once again. >> no one was hurt but those bullets caused them to go into lock down and not to go on field trips again. >> reporter: they attend a school five blocks from a place where dreams get big and come alive. >> it's cool, walking into the library and get some books. >> we've had nine lock downs this year. school year already. >> reporter: teacher tracy dordell. >> that should not be an issue for them to be able to come to a library to get books without
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having the possibilities of us getting shot. >> reporter: students avoiding bullets to get to the books. teachers say because the police escort is no guarantee from on out, they snapped this picture to document what could be for these little ones the last school field trip to the oakland library. mike mibach, ktvu news. this man is suspected of robbing at least five banks in four bay area cities since the middle of january. he is described as having a muscular build and about 35 years old. >> he goes into the bank, presents a note to the teller and leaves the bank with a bag of cash. we're hoping someone recognizes this photo. >> the man may not be using a disguise because he may not be from this area and feels he will not be recognized.
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leaders from st. mary and st. menice orthodox church want to build a sanctuary along with three other buildings on san miguel road. church leaders were granted an extension for further environmental reviews. the church project has been in the works now for more than a decade. >> the bay area's you tube is now considered a hit maker in the music business. billboard announced today it will consider how many hits the song has and factor that into the hot 100 chart. billboard also considers radio air play, digital sales, on demand audio streams and online radio streaming. a piece of steel gurder from the new york twin towers has a new home. it was brought to the remember them memorial to honor and
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remember those who were lost on september 11th. one oakland firefighters there today had gone to new york in the days after 9/11 to help crews find victims in the pile of rubble. >> we just wish we could have done more. but it was a very significant event and i think all of us members were proud to be part of it and to go back there and try to help. >> a formal dedication for that memorial which is just down the block from the fox theater is scheduled for this spring. we've posted more information on the remember them memorial in oakland on our website just click on hot topics. a beautiful clear day around the bay. chief meteorologist bill martin joins us now. here's in the weather center with how the weekend is shaping up. >> we'll have plenty of sunshine, warmer too. highs today got into the 60s. warmer as we go into the next couple of days. jet streams, i will give you the big shot. here's the jet stream. you will see it drawing in right here and it works its way into the plains like this.
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storm systems are going right by us basically. that's a big pattern. that big pattern is going to stay put for a little while. it's not enough to change plans just enough to put some slick on the roadways. those are the right now temperatures, tomorrow morning it's cold again. perhaps not quite as chilly this morning but chilly. overnight lows will be in the mid-30s, in the cold spots some freezing. 32 by santa rosa and napa. the rest of us low 40s, a good looking friday over all. friday night into saturday maybe a sprinkle and your weekend looks dry. so these are your forecast overnight lows. not much different than what we've been experiencing. as we look at the satellite loop you can sigh this high pressure center going away just enough to let this system creep in friday night, saturday morning don't change your plans this thing is just going the drive by. maybe a spritz at best. there'll be a little drizzle. by saturday afternoon you will
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have forgotten all about. here we are saturday morning, here we are friday night. friday late 11:00, kind of wants to do something and fizzles out. that might give us some drizzle at best. the forecast model isn't that bullish. then sunday looks even nicer with normal daytime highs. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow, 62 in brentwood, 62 in hayward, 62 in san rafael. these are not february temperatures these are not february temperatures that's all i can say. they are very warm for this time of year. 64 in morgan hill, 64 in gilroy. it's a warm day forecast tomorrow. i think we will see a little patchy coastal fog tonight. and in some places. and there's the five day forecast on your bay area weekend in view. check out monday, tuesday. how about that. >> holy cow. >> so here's the deal. we need rain. the five day forecast is dry. when we look at the really long range stuff. it's dry into early march.
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>> it's been such unusual january and february. >> it really has. >> and a crazy wet december. we'll see how it goes. right now i don't see much rain heading our way. >> maybe we'll have a crazy wet april. you never know. >> maybe. >> thanks bill. coming up here on -- >> bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. we'll update you on what investigators have found. word the a's may still move to san jose leaves some oakland business leaders concerned. we hope you join us at 7:00 on tv 36. the most surprising thing about this mansion isn't its massive price tag. >> but tune in this saturday for a special second look. rita williams is retiring and we look back at 35 years of excellence. watch this saturday morning at 10:00.
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if you have a $100 million budget for a new home and time to kill you may be interested in a home that just hit the market. the owner of this century old mansion in hillsboro is asking
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$100 million. but the buyer has to wait until the current owner dies until they can move in. the 76-year-old owner was born in the house and raised there and says she plans to die there too. >> man, that house is -- >> who gets the money if she dies, maybe her kids. >> presumably. >> use up sports time. >> that's right. >> a couple of minor deals, as they will send little used guard jenkins too philadelphia for a second draft pick. maybe he will get a better shot back east. another second round selection is garnered from center jeremy tyler, 7-footer he goes to philadelphia so in both instances the warriors will collect a second round draft choice. meantime, some spring training stuff, a little better weather down there today and we've got the story of the two brandons.
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crawford on your left, belt on your right and a pretty good reason why the giants should condition to contend in the western division as these guys continue to improve in just their second full year, they get along pretty good and their stats keep rising. >> we're friends. so i think that kind of says a lot. we came up around the same time. so we played together in the minor leagues. we kind of got to know each other very well and we got to know each other's situation. >> definitely. we're getting pretty comfortable with each other the last couple of years we got that thing going. he feels comfortable throwing to me and i feel comfortable catching. >> outside of tucson they complete the suspended match play championship. fellow irishman lawry beat the
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world's number one player rory mcilroy. and charles iii beat tiger woods. as hal singing that birdie put to win 2-1. so the top two players are eliminated from match play. i'm sure the promoters not happy at all about that. as everybody of course likes to come out and see tiger woods and rory mcill roy -- mcilroy another thing to happen. >> so first they get snow now this. california has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. so where are the guns coming from? tonight on the 10:00 news, we uncover to see if laws are really keeping guns out of the wrong hands. >> we have some developing news, students are protesting at city college of san francisco and apparently have taken over a building on the campus there. we do have a reporter on the scene. we will have live coverage for you coming up on ktvu channel 2 news at 7:00 on tv 36. and also on the 10:00 news.
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thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news, we're always for you at and mobile ktvu. >> good night.
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